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The love of ceramics in Greece is as old as our history. Either by domestic production or as a transit center , our country always gathered ceramic goods to dress and decorate the houses. Glorious examples have been Skyros, through which gathered all Italian majolica – spoil of the Mediterranean pirates , or Rhodes which the trade of famous Kutahya and Iznik ceramics was held. One can recall the beautiful examples of local workshops : Kourtzis in Mytilene , Icarus in Rhodes, Nicolaou in Skyros , Rhodius in Skopelos, Minas Avramidis in Thessaloniki , the Faliron Kutahya , Kerameikos ……. Nowadays all these ovens are no longer burning, but our love for pottery continues and leads us to new discoveries. We want tiles for the floors , the walls , the bathrooms of our modern houses . We want to be able to marry the past with our present. Damask, tried to gather again the pottery of the Mediterranean , with a particular sensibility to anything that refers to the past of our country . We cherish zelliges, which although made ​​in Morocco , take us back to Byzantine times . We import majolica from Southern Italy – no longer as pirates but as “traders of the world”. We reinvent wonderful copies of iznik, our own ‘ Rhodian tiles ‘. We love french cement tiles -  living elements of the Greek neoclassical houses  -, modern mosaics and furthermore italian stoneware products that combine the know-how of technology with a twist of tradition. For you to discover…

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