Stone and wood, the eternal porters of the human landscapes . Materials familiar in Greek houses, timeless and noble ladies who like time only beautifies . We gathered the most beautiful stones on the planet , Syria , Morocco , India , Greece , Belgium , we aged them a bit to boast that they carry stories and give them back to you to continue to skate them with your daily routine…

At the same time we looked for woods, not just woods , we like woods to produce memories . Wide boards as in our old homes , since the floor sounded and responded to our passage . We found old floors , which after drying and disinfestation were prepared for a new life, a second use . We found new floors also “tweaked” so as not to betray fresh “lusoi”. Always oak , oak only , because for us, the oak is the “ultimate lady”. Our basic sensitivity – beyond the romantic mood- is to ensure that timber that will enter your house, will not carry in its bowels the after Chernobyl – eastern forests radioactivity  ! Thus , the oak wood is sourced mainly French , and when it is not, it comes from controlled forests of the world with the certifications of FSC, an international organization for the proper management and protection of forest areas on the planet !

Because…. behind the beautiful image must be hiding a honest material !

Damask world design