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Cement mortar Cement-Pro on floors and kitchen countertop

A stone kitchen bench lined with cement coating Cement Pro. Kitchen wall covered with decorative brick walls. The horizontal surfaces (bench , shelf ) constructed with molded concrete and partitions with plastered brick . The use of two different materials, concrete and plaster, requires special attention regarding the time needed for them to dry equally. It takes 25-30 days until the bench to dry for accepting the cement coating Cement Pro. An issue that should be decided in advance is if the bench will be constructed ​​after the installation of the decorative brick wall so the only problem will be the tolerances of the bench with the joint of the brick . If we decide first to build the bench the first row of bricks will ” push ” on the bench so we ensure the tolerances. But then we should enhance the bench support considering the weight that it will accept from the wall with bricks .

Color Palette Cement Pro