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Beton Cire

In Paris, 50 % of the flooring stores are made of Beton Cire. Stores are  being renovated to change everything, except the beton cire floors!! French accept the patina of this material , the imperfections, the potential kracks because all these things together is the beton cire.
The material gives another dimension to the space, it makes it hot , industrial , brutal,  as,  beton cire is a unique material !
Today the advanced, fiber reinforced beton cire, is the first choice of people who know the grout for many years and know that beton cire means waxed beton. Which means that after application, the material is washed and in a few days the surface is covered with wax which gives a special luster while protects the beton.
But gives us the magic of beton cire that few can distinguish.
The fact that beton cire is France’s national product for floors  is indicative of it’s aesthetics and durability .

Suitable for walls, floors and private commercial properties for wet surfaces baths, steam etc.

Imported from France.

Available in 17 colors.

Beton cire color palette