Cement Coatings

It has been many years since Damask gave new life to the art we call “forged cement”. Who doesn’t remember the velvet, masons, black kitchen to feature on the pages of magazines, introducing Damask in domestic affairs of interiors. Or the beautiful turquoise bath, a charming pas de deux, with feminine curves and oriental indolence.

The beginning was not easy, the secrets of the old craftsmen on the forged cement should be discovered again, by testing them with traditional or contemporary materials, sometimes reinforced by knowledge of technology and remain innocent. Many imitators followed us…. But still, no one can be compared with our experience, the ecological security of our materials, and the range of techniques that we won:

In the beginning was tadelakt, King of coatings, the most capricious and kind material, nature gave . Totally natural , entirely ecological , cement-free ! Only the unique limestone of Marrakech plus water . Then, dess tadelakt, a Moroccan coating reinforced with a little cement, according to an old recipy . Then the original beton cire, the French tradition of waxed concrete floors. Finally , the sophisticated deco beton, a mortar ready to dress any surface , horizontal or vertical, with a unique market advantage : environmentally friendly , totally safe for the user and the craftsman . A cement with great mechanical strength without harmful resins and additives !

With the responsibility of the pioneer, in spite of the times, we continue to keep up the quality of our materials and we remain loyal to the target initially ispired us,  not only to infest the Greek forms with the minimal standards of the Aegean architecture but mainly to bring back to our homes its innocense…

Damask world design